When is the best time to visit Sapa?


Vietnam is located in the temperate tropical zone. Unlike the high temperature in the south, the comfortable climate in the north becomes more ideal for a trip to Vietnam. Located to the northwest, Sapa appears as a must-see destination that stands out for the unique climatic condition of four seasons a day. But if you’re wondering about the best time to visit Sapa, check out the notes below.

First of all, tourists have to wonder what they want to see and experience in Sapa. A discovery of the multicolored culture around the city of fog or a sunny hike on the well-known mountains? Golden rice terraces or snow covered Sapa?

We all know the poor condition of the roads in this mountainous region that easily become a disaster after heavy rains. Then, for all lovers of hiking, the warm but comfortable climate and the sunny day at the end of March seem the perfect time to make a trip. Unfortunately, you can not take a photo of green but brown rice fields full of water while waiting for planting.

Although you could not contemplate the magnificent view of the rice terraces, but April and May is the best time to admire a Sapa decorated by the beautiful shades of pink species of plum blossom flowers and cherry trees. Do not get lost in such a paradise of flowers and take the most beautiful pictures. In addition, tourists who wish to have a complete discovery around the city will be welcomed by the pleasant temperature all day long.

Travelers coming to Sapa in June will be immersed in the cool green rice fields. In addition, you can see the agricultural activities of the people of the ethnic groups. By chance, an interesting conversation with the smiling farmers definitely looks like a beautiful memory in your journey. In addition, for someone who is waiting for a hike, the rainy season and the heat during the day do not allow you to easily have an easy trek.

From July to August, it is not so humid but always hot. Do not forget to try some homestay programs that will leave you with the most incredible memories of the mountain region. Above all, it’s a good chance to learn local crafts or enjoy delicious specialties … The more you discover, the more you love the unique culture of the various ethnicities in this remote city.

September, finally came the best time to admire one of the most beautiful terraced rice fields to visit in the world. Do not forget to bring your camera because you never want to miss the irresistible charm of huge rice fields. From a high angle, people will be impressed by the natural palette of all shades of green and yellow rice. And another thing to note, this month is also the peak season in Sapa, so the city and the mountains are always packed with people.

From December to January, Sapa will be covered by the perfect white of snow. At this time, nature and mountains offer views that can be described as “breathtaking” shows. But, think of the snow, it is a bit difficult to walk outdoors.

Sapa continues to cool down throughout the year, so you cannot experience enough the ultimate charms of this mountainous city with just one visit. Come back to Sapa to check out other shades of beauty of this land!


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